Nomad Girl - Handmade One Of A Kind Art Doll


*-*One Of A Kind Art Doll (OOK)*-*

My inspiration for this art doll is the character of Snufkin from the series "The Moomins". Snufkin's nomadic lifestyle inspired me to make this nomad girl. She has a care-free spirit just like him. 
Her outfit is suited for nomadic lifestyle. She has a big hat to protect her from the sun and striped socks to protect her from the cold. She has a green dress with golden decorations, and dark blue pants. Also she wears a simple necklace. 
Her hair is golden yellow with orange stripes. 
She can move her hands and legs, and she can sit in different ways.

*-*Handmade Product*-*

*-*Original Unique Design*-*

Total high: 62 cm
Head: 9*10 cm
Hat: 17*11 cm
Each arm: 27 cm
Each leg: 32 cm
Body: 16*20 cm

Materials: high quality fabrics, soft filling, acrylic yarns and red ribbon.

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